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secure smile system snap on dentures

A life-changing, secure smile in just one day.

The Secure Smile System, Snap-on Dentures, gives you the best of both worlds, Aesthetics and Functionality.


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Supported by 4 full-sized titanium implants, your new teeth will look natural and give you the increased functionality to be able to speak with clarity and eat with confidence.

Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care!

What is the Secure Smile System?

Four full-sized titanium implants are placed in the lower jaw. Special fasteners are attached to a customized denture. The denture is then snapped securely into place. Compared with dentures, the One-Day Snap-On Denture will increase your bite strength from 10% to 50% of the bite strength you had with your natural teeth.

Your implant-secured denture will enable you to speak clearly, eat the foods you love and will keep your denture from moving and rubbing against your gum.

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Who would benefit from the Secure Smile System?

Most people are unhappy with their lower denture and understandably so. The upper denture stays in place because of the palate and suction. However the lower denture has nothing to anchor it in place. This procedure fixes the following problems:

  • Painful lower denture and sore gums
  • Trouble speaking
  • Tongue constantly dislodging the denture
  • Difficulty eating salads, meat and sandwiches
  • Insecure in public situations
secure smile system snap on dentures

Dr. Johnson, Premier Implantologist

Dr. Johnson is passionate about helping his patients by providing the highest quality care. He regularly takes part in continuing education courses in order to ensure his patients receive the most advanced dental care available. Dr. Johnson values conservative and ethical treatment planning and focuses on quality work that will last as long as possible.


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While dentures may give you an esthetically pleasing smile, they don’t provide much functionality and they don’t prevent bone loss.

The Secure Smile System gives you both, a beautiful smile and increased functionality. Plus your new implants will help grow new bone, and prevent further bone loss.

Get a new confident smile, in just one day!

Facebook Special $7997.00

secure smile system snap on dentures

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